About Us

Our office locates in Tokyo, Japan. We established our company in 2006 and have been providing IT support services for international clients.   Our Microsoft certified engineers provides services to clients in timely manner in Japan. We focus on providing IT services to international clients coming to Japan with expectation of the same IT infrastructure as of their other offices. We continue improving our services through PDCA cycle and through communication with customers.

We wish you to be a member of eCorpOne’s IT protected company.

Phone number

Phone: +81-3-5577-6700
FAX:     +81-3-5577-6710

Normal business hours: 9:00am to 7:00pm JST
* We offer 24 hours/365 days support services around Tokyo. We can visit sites anywhere in Japan in 24 hours. 

Company information

Our office

Our office

Location of our office: #501 Kanda-Tsukasa-machi Building, 2-19 Kanda tsukasamachi, Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan 101-0048

Company Name: eCorpOne Co., Ltd.

Closest train station (Only one stop next to Tokyo station)

  • Ogawa-cho A6 exit (Toei Shinjuku line) 2 minutes by walk
  • Awaji-cho A4 exit (Marunouchi line) 3 minutes by walk
  • Shin Ochanomizu B6 exit (Chiyoda line) 5 minutes by walk
  • Kanda A6 exit (JR line) 7 minutes by walk

Established date:April 27, 2006

Japanese Invoice#: T2010002049512

Paid in capital: 10 million Japanese yen (about 90K USD)

Business license, registrations, and permissions

  • Type-2 Telecommunications Business Law of Japan: A-23-12326
  • (terminated) Human resource outsourcing: “Toku 13-309794”
  • Member of The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry

About company founder

He graduated from California State University, Chico. The school is renowned for producing senior or above levels of successful professionals including IBM and HP.  He majored in Computer Information Systems and minor Business administration.

He joined in the largest medical sample testing company in Japan in 2004 and had lead various IP telephony projects, for both domestic, and international clients.

He was appointed as director of software company including research system of Rakuten Research, where developed under his leadership.

He worked for NTT communication’s prime customer’s division where the company’s most important customers are taken care, and he had provided project management and network architectural design service.

In the year 2006, he created eCorpOne and has been providing various IT solutions, including IT support for global companies, hotel check-in and payment terminal, IT infrastructure support, and IP telephony solutions.

He has over 25 years in computing environment.

Profile on Linkedin is available here. (Visible only to Linkedin registered users only)

  • Other incorporated businesses.
    • eCorpOne Communications Ltd. (Incorporated in Rwanda)
    • eCorpOne Africa Ltd. (Incorporated in Rwanda)
    • eCorp Rwanda (Incorporated in Rwanda)


Our goal

We believe that technical excellence and well-planned delivery of services are the key element of meeting customers’ expectations. To be successful, we have developed our ways of managing resources and ensuring good completion of projects. eCorpOne aims to create more values with our highly technical professionals.

Brand Log Mark 

eCorpOne’s brand logo mark, created with its corporate identity, consists of the following three key words.

“e”: Internet, information network, and electronic.
“C”: Corporation, and unity.
“O”: One, fusion, ring, and global.

“O” locating in “C” indicates unity resulted in growth of global fusion of “e” and “c”. Red line that spreads from left side of “C” forms “e”, and it implies acceleration of global fusion with the Internet and unity. The red line connected to “C” indicates highly concentrated energy produced by “C” is poured into “O” ceaselessly. “O” is almost contacting “C”, which implies strong relationship between unity and the global ring. The red line never stings “O”: it implies that growth of global fusion with “e” is not forced but gently supported.

Our office location

How to get our office
From A4 of Awaji-cho station, please find the Mizuho bank’s branch location. Please turn right at the crossroad and walk toward Otemachi(Go to south). Make sure that you will find Seven-eleven at the left side while walking from the bank. After walking for 2 to 3 minutes from the bank, you will see Maruetsu store at a crossroads. Please turn right at the crossroad and walk for about 30 seconds. You will see a restaurant Shanghai Daidokoro”(上海台所). Our office is located on the 5th floor above the restaurant. 


Company updates

April 27, 2006 Establishment of eCorpOne Co., Ltd.
eCorpOne Co., Ltd was established with partnership of ering Co., Ltd.

March 30, 2007 Change of executive directors
In the first director’s general meeting, the director’s change was approved.

October 15, 2008 Notice of move
Office has moved to Kanda, Chiyoda, Tokyo to meet expansion demand of our business.

December 30, 2010 Development of hotel check-in solutions
eCorpOne released software and hardware systems to provide hotel check-in and check-out flows, including credit card and Japanese cash payment, barcode door unlocking hardware and its controlling software, and kiosk terminal software.

August 30, 2011 Development of automatic gate controlling software and its ticket processing software
Using Japanese Felica based electric cash payment card SUICA, eCorpOne released software for kiosk terminal, entrance gate controlling, web based ticket purchase and ticketing software.

April 16, 2013 Establishment of eCorpOne Africa Ltd.
eCorpOne Africa Ltd has been established in Rwanda. This organization is not a subsidiary of eCorpOne Co., Ltd.

February 11, 2014 Establishment of eCorpOne Communications Ltd. (Registered as eCorpCom Ltd.)
It has been established in Kigali, Rwanda. The purpose is to provide Internet Service provider services. This organization is not a subsidiary of eCorpOne Co., Ltd.

March 1 , 2017 On grid solar energy plants development  and management  started
We started solar energy plant development.  As start, we developed two solar energy plants (total of about 60kw) in Toride City, Ibaragi, started its normal operation.  In December 28 , 2018, construction of Inashiki solar energy plant completed.   Basic construction of solar energy electricity generating plant with 75.1kw, which is combined with car port, roof, and yard mounting solar cradles, completed successfully.   As of year 2022, total of nine solar energy plants have been developed.  All of them are currently managed internally.

January 3 , 2020 Partnering with Untangle, Inc.
eCorpOne has been approved as a reseller partner of Untangle, Inc. located in the United States of America. Untangle, Inc. provides firewall software designed to run on both virtualized and physical environment. Optimal drivers of Untangle firewall allows near physical performance. Various security features, such as intrusion prevention systems, spam blocker, virus blocker, web filter, in addition to various helpful components, such as content cache and AD blocker, at reasonable cost, should help improving SMB’s business environment.

May 4, 2020 Corporate web site renovation complete
eCorpOne’s web service and email service have been moved to Google G Suite service.  We focus on managing IT infrastructure services of corporate customers and also on managing our solar energy systems.