IT infra-services

Quick site visit with optional warehousing service

  • We have warehouse in Tokyo to store replacement hardware.  We bring hardware devices into customer’s sites quickly.
  • We have storage spaces in center of Tokyo so that we always have access to replacement parts and can bring to customers’ site quickly.
  • Customer can select either normal business hour support or 24/365 support.
  • In Kanto (Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba, Kanagawa) or Kansai (Osaka) areas, we can visit customer’s site in 4 hours. 
  • This service requires 1 year contract.
  • Customer can select either 1 of 2 support levels below.
    • Storage and replacement: Configuration of the hardware must be restored by the customer. eCorpOne will provide remote access to the hardware.
    • Storage and configuration restore: eCorpOne will restore configuration into replaced hardware.
  • To request us urgent on site IT support service, please visit this URL for more details.

Full managed active directory and file server cloud and on premise service

  • Full managed Windows server hosting and remote management of servers running at client’s site.
  • Various features including VPN access, offline folder, snapshot, generation managed backups, cold standby hardware, 24/365 management.
  • Windows servers and Active Directory integration / Linux hosting
  • 24 hours / 365 days monitoring and quick recovery
  • Replacement hardware is prepared on site for quick recovery
  • Managed backups using snapshots and VM level backups.
  • Low installation fee
  • 1 year contract with auto-renew.

Corporate level SLA managed Internet service

  • 24/365 full managed Internet services
  • Bandwidth assured & SLA service
  • On site installation and management
  • Support in English and in Japanese language
  • Example: 400Mbps dedicated fiber Internet with 24/365 days support for sale at 299,999 JPY/months now. Please contact us,

Corporate IT infrastructure design and management service 

  • We design and implement various IT systems through consultation process with customers, especially with IT managers at global locations.We provide various IT systems, including Windows servers with Active Directory, site-to-site VPN, encrypted and authenticated Wireless LAN, redundant networking and server systems, application layer firewall, virtulization using VMWare Hyper-V, and kvm, many of which are usually implemented by global companies. We implement, train its employees, and share our monthly IT support so that services are maintained well.
  • Server management
    • Windows servers and user management
    • Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS) and Web server management
    • Remote management (Remote automatic analysis and remote login for desktop Windows support)

Majority of networking and server hardware supported.

  • HP Procurve switch, Proliant servers
  • Cisco Pix firewall, 
  • Fortinet Fortigate firewall
  • Many other brands supported.


  • IP-Sec VPN implementation
  • Firewall implementation
  • Highly fault tolerant network system design
  • Supporting flexible design with BGP, OSPF, EIGRP, HSRP, Object Tracking, floating static route, Policy-based routing
  • Multicasting (PIM, IGMP Snooping)for efficient packet delivery
  • Primary and/or backup internet connection using e-mobile/softbank/docomo’s wireless network in Japan
  • VLAN design
  • Voice / PBX integration support
  • Network monitoring implementation with e-mail alerting
  • Delivery time: Average response time in Tokyo is 5 minutes and usually visit customer’s sites in 2 hours.

Support various virtual systems

  • We usually virtualize server systems using VMWare ESXi.
  • In addition to VMWare ESXi, we also manage KVM and Hyper-V systems with IO optimization.
  • We can create and/or migrate existing systems into virtualized systems.

Software development service 

  • Hardware API and serial access – credit card system, cash payment system, barcode reader, magnetic card writer.
  • Reprintable magnetic PET card reader/writer software handling.
  • Customer centered flexible support
  • C#, C++. WPF,PHP, Ajax, Perl programming, Java, perl.
  • MySQL database access, replication, encryption.
  • Secure e-mail server system with privacy protection functions and information tracking software.
  • Involvement with large Japanese companies and handling of corporate policies.
  • Misys Equation core banking software implementation/migration
  • eCorpOne has engaged into one of the largest global banks in Japan for core banking software migration.
  • Various versions of Misys Equation and components related to the core systems can be migrated.
  • Normal migration time is between 9 months and 3 years.
  • Wired LAN based barcode reader

IP Security camera solutions

Installing and managing IP cameras in various environment

  • Allows you to view videos over the Internet using your PC or mobile phones.
  • Supports installing IP cameras for remote locations with limited resources, such as no fiber connections and no electricity available.   We can install solar panel with battery charging and with low-cost SIM card.
  • Bandwidth optimized configurations for bandwidth limited SIM card.
  • Motion detection based recording.

Cisco VoIP system consulting

  • We provide support for SIP based Cisco VoIP system consultation.
  • MPLS based closed network integration, integration with existing PBXes, and disaster recovery.
  • Optimized with QoS, precedence, dial-peer, FXS/FXO.